About us

„Oberösterreichische Biodiesel” GmbH is a biodiesel factory located in the Port of Enns (Austria). The facility was built in 2005-2006 with technology of the German company Lurgi. The location of the plant is excellent from a logistics point of view - with easy access to motorway A1 (only 8 km away), to the railway network, and to the port of Enns (on the river Danube).

In July 2010 the plant was purchased by the Bulgarian company “Bulmarket DM” ltd., which owns and operates another biodiesel plant located in Bulgaria, near the town of Ruse.

“Oberösterreichische Biodiesel” GmbH biodiesel plant in Enns resumed production in November 2010. The tank storage capacity was increased ин 2011 with two new tanks: a 2'000 m3 tank for raw oil and a 300 m3 tank for biodiesel. The company plans to build a new pipeline from the production site to the port of Enns.

“Oberösterreichische Biodiesel” GmbH has a processing capacity of approximately 100'000 tons of biodiesel per year and about 9'600 tons of pharmaceutical glycerin (99%).